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Plasterboard:total recycle

Patented technology for the recovery of chulk and paper from plasterboard that has come to an end. Let's turn it into a resource.

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Photovolatic Weee Recovery

Eco Avant-Garde Srl and Eco Solar 77 Eood together for the recovery of "photovoltaic WEEE" materials

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Recovery Mineral Wool

Eco Avant-Garde Srl and BKRZ GmbH together for the recovery of mineral wool

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Photovoltaic technology allows us to directly transform the energy that comes from solar emission into electric power. This technology uses the so called photovoltaic effect, which is based on the features of some semiconductor materials that, opportunely treated, are capable of generating electicity when struck by a luminous radiation.

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An hydroelectric plant converts the potential energy of water into mechanical energy from the rotation of the turbine that is directly converted into electrical energy by the power unit.

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A wind power generation system is generally made up of one or more than one wind turbines that convert wind kinetic energy into electric energy.

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It's a process obtained by inserting great amounts of wet biomass into big tanks enclosed by gasometric domes and with mixers that blend everything in order to produce big amounts of biomethan gas. The biomethan gas will be used to operate an endothermic engine.

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It’s that process that allows us to insert the waste or the biomass in a reaction chamber, without oxygen and at a high temperature, and to transform that solid matter into a gas so to avoid the flame stage. The result is the production of a Syngas which is, precisely, a synthesis gas.

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