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About us

Eco Avant-Garde Srl was founded by Nicola Munaron and Giampietro Compagno. Together, they have combined skills and experience in alternative energy technologies including solar, hydroelectric, biodigester technology and biogas utilization, waste recycling and waste-to-energy process.
Our company has all the requirements and skills necessary to fully develop and define the activities detailed in our charter. Specifically, either directly or through our relationships with qualified external collaborators:

  • We design, build and manage plants for the production of electric and thermic power.
  • For each project, we define the environmental impact, conduct a feasibility study, research, design and execute the construction of the plant, and provide analysis of technical and economic performance.

Moreover, we have the globally exclusive rights to sell a plant (Eurogypsum64) capable of processing and recycling plasterboard waste from construction, demolition or production waste. Our machines are able to completely separate the two components of plasterboard (gypsum and paper) and produce a secondary raw material with the same properties as gypsum.
Thanks to our administrative, legal and technical organization, we are able to operate globally.

Nicola Munaron


Enrico Munari

Director development

Gopal Sethuraman Ph.D.M.B.A.

Business development Manager USA

Dr Ahmed Al-Hazmi

Business development Manager Gulf Region

Dr Kevin Cordes

Business development Manager Russia