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Recovery Of Non-Dangerous Mineral Wool

Eco Avant-Garde Srl and BKRZ GmbH together for the recovery of mineral wool

We have signed an agreement with BKRZ GmbH for the take-back and recovery of non-hazardous mineral wool.

BKRZ GmbH, first in Europe, has developed with the German National Research Center and an important University, a plant for the recovery and recycling of non-hazardous mineral wool (short mineral fibres).

Eco Avant-Garde Srl represents BKRZ GmbH in Italy for the marketing of the plant and is able to offer the collection and recovery service of non-hazardous mineral wool to be sent to BKRZ GmbH, so that they can be recovered and recycled in complete safety and in compliance with current regulations.

It is a service in a delicate sector, very interesting and which will have an increasingly important value in the near future.